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Positively stops oil leaks while you drive!


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TriSeal Makes a Permanent Seal and Prevents Future Leaks

TriSeal Seals power steering units, automatic transmissions, and engine main bearing leaks

TriSeal softens and revitalizes hard, shrunken, worn seals to original condition and prolongs the life of all seals to prevent future leaks. The detergent action of TriSeal eliminates the slipping of automatic transmissions caused by varnish build-up.  Engine main bearing leaks are positively sealed in 5 hours.  Approved by manufacturers of transmissions and transmission fluids.  TriSeal has a proven history of success since 1960.

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Want better mileage?



Increases gas mileage 10-20%

Slip Coat

SlipCoat as a Zinc substitute is a slip/extreme pressure lubricant that is a super-tough, dripless film of lubricant impervious to moisture, foaming, heat and pressure. SlipCoat Increases gas mileage 10-20%!

All better motor oil contains an additive package (detergent, anti-scuff, anti-oxidant, extreme pressure and a slip agent) to enhance performance.  The amount is approximately 1 oz. per quart.

SlipCoat allows engines and gear cases to operate cooler, quieter, and longer!

By adding 10% to your entire drive train, you will experience the way it should perform!

This SAE30wt fluid has NO Teflon, graphite, moly or any other harmful ingredients.  It does not void new engine warrantees. SlipCoat fortifies both synthetic and refined oils to U.S. military specifications for severe service in gas or diesel engines.

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