Upholstery Cleaner


Hapco Upholstery, Vinyl & All Purpose Cleaner

Spray On, Wipe Off          THAT’S CLEAN!

For Cloth, Vinyl, Carpet, and Painted Surfaces

Shampooing:  Pour a portion of Hapco Upholstery, Vinyl & All Purpose Cleaner  into a container and work up a foam with a sponge.  Dip the sponge into the foam, and work the soil up into the foam with a circular motion. Rinse the sponse in clean water and wipe up dirty foam into the sponge. Wipe area briskly with a clean towel to complete cleaning the surface.

Vinyl and Hard Surfaces: Spray Hapco Upholstery, Vinyl & All Purpose Cleaner cleaner onto surface and work soil up from surface with a soft bristly brush or damp towel. Wipe up soil with a clean, damp cloth and buff dry with clean dry cloth.

Non-Toxic, Gentle to Normal Skin

If sprayed into eyes, flush with water until discomfort ends (15 minutes). Always test surfaces for color fastness. Contains alkaline phosphates and non-toxic surfactants in water. Keep away from children.