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I had an early VW diesel vehicle.  These are known for head warpage if overheated, it always happens then you need to replace the head gasket.

My son was driving it, a new driver.  A leak developed in the coolant return line and all of the coolant ran out of the engine.  He drove it with no water in it.  I checked the radiator, it was empty.  The engine had SlipCoat in it on the last change.  I repaired the leak, refilled the system with coolant and the engine started and ran fine with no head warpage!


 I had  VW gas engine Jetta.  I used SlipCoat in the oil.  One day, my wife was driving back from work and got 5 miles from home and the water pump seized up and broke the belt, steam was coming out under the hood, and she decided to continue to drive home.  By the time she arrived the engine was severely overheated.  The next day I removed the tappet cover and the aluminum head was gold due to the oil being cooked.   I replaced the water pump, changed the oil and the engine started normally, no leaks.

 Conclusion:  SlipCoat protects the engine from heat damage, and family members.

 Jon H, West Michigan, October 2014

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Just wanted to let you know that I had a power steering leak on my 99 Cadillac Seville and tried numerous products [Lucas, Eagle and Prestone] power steering stop leak. Used 3 bottles of Lucas with absolutely NO RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After only 1 bottle of Tri-Seal, I no longer have any leak at all.

GREAT PRODUCT!!!!! I will recommend this product to EVERYONE! I bought it at Suburban Auto Supply in Swartz Creek, Michigan. Love the fact that it is also a Michigan made product. I have even gone to other auto suppliers and suggested to them to carry your product because it REALLY WORKS!!! Thank you once again for such a great product. 

Gary L, September 2014

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