Slip Coat


Want better mileage?


A Zinc Substitute!

SlipCoat as a Zinc substitute protects your new engine against “dry starts” where conventional motor oils drain down into the crankcase overnight. This exclusive formula is dripless and does not drain off when engine is shut off. SlipCoat clings to delicate bearing surfaces, cylinder walls, and camshafts with a super slippery, super tough film to positively protect them from metal to metal scoring and premature wear.

SlipCoat Increases Gas Mileage 10-20% from the Very First Moment! Pays for itself the first week of driving!

SlipCoat reduces operating temperatures and quiets engine clatter. Guaranteed to contain no graphite, PTFE resin, or any other potentially clogging ingredients. High heat stability, extreme pressure, and anti-wear additives unique to the industry give long lasting protection in all extremes of operation.

All better motor oil contains an additive package (detergent, anti-scuff, anti-oxidant, extreme pressure and a slip agent) to enhance performance.  The amount is approximately 1 oz. per quart.

SlipCoat is a slip/extreme pressure lubricant that is a super-tough, dripless film of lubricant impervious to moisture, foaming, heat and pressure.  It allows engines, transmissions and gear cases to operate cooler, quieter, and longer!

By adding 10% to your entire drive train, you will experience the way it should perform!

This SAE30wt fluid has NO Teflon, graphite, moly or any other harmful ingredients.  It does not void new engine warrantees. SlipCoat fortifies both synthetic and refined oils to U.S. military specifications for severe service in gas or diesel engines.


Add 1 bottle of SlipCoat to engine oil at any time. After adding, drive or idle engine for 15 minutes to completely mix and treat all bearings and camshaft surfaces. That’s all there is to it!

One bottle treats up to 5 quarts of engine oil in cars, trucks, marine engines, tractors, motorcycles (except wet clutch), motorhomes, heavy equipment, diesel engines, and road graders.

At the next oil change, SlipCoat will remain clinging to inside surfaces. More can be added if severe service requires with no fear of overloading system.

One half bottle treats manual transmissions, differentials (including limited slip), power mowers, ATVs, generators, power steering units, air compressors.

Do no use as automatic transmission fluid – it is much too slippery!

A few drops will treat furnace motors, fan bearings, hinges, locks, Anything That Moves!

A MUST for Turbo equipped engines!

Sensor Safe

Product No. 3616

Made In Michigan!


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