Leaking Oil?

ProSeal Positively Stops Rubber Seal Leaks in Most Fluid Systems *excluding brake systems

ProSeal Seal Expander positively STOPS rubber seal leak in engines, transmissions, power steering, differentials, hydraulic systems, lift gates, hi-lo, floor jacks, generators, air impact tools, shock absorbers, hydraulic controls, engine cylinder sleeve seals, pinion and axle seals.  Guaranteed!

Use 1 oz. per quart of ANY fluid in ANY system (except brake systems)

ProSeal restores weather stripping, wiper blades, vent window gaskets, tires, and moon roof gaskets.  Simply paint it on and watch it disappear into the rubber. In 4-5 hours the rubber is like new.  You can scrape the surface and nothing comes off.  ProSeal does NOT make it slimy or gummy.  This patented formula WORKS where others fail.  Guaranteed!

Add ProSeal to fuel to restore injector and pump seals.  Add ½ a teaspoon to the low pressure valve of air conditioners to seal compressor and connection seals.

  • Non-toxic/non-flammable
  • No petroleum distillates, safe on all metal
  • Avoid painted surfaces

Works in Hours…Lasts for Years!!!

The choice of professional rebuilders since 1960

ProSeal does not work on paper, cork, or rope

Available in 8 oz. bottles (treats 8 qts. of oil)

Directions: Add 1 oz. per quart of oil. Run engine to let mixture circulate. Works in hours – lasts for years.

Add to air conditioners, air tools, hydraulic jacks, gas, and diesel fuel to treat injector seals. Also restores weather stripping and wiper blades.

1 oz. in Power Steering, Rack and Pinion, Differentials and Rear Axles, Refillable Shock Absorbers, Hydraulic Cylinders (Snow Plows, Hoists), Gear Cases, Reduction Gears, Transfer Cases, Trim Tabs

2 oz. in Transmissions and Hydraulic Pumps

5 oz. in Engines

1 teaspoon in AC units

1 Tablespoon in Floor Jacks

Wipe on the outside of Hydraulic Cylinders, Roof Vent Gaskets, Hatch Gaskets, and Door Weatherstripping (Avoid Painted Surfaces)

*NOT for use in Brake Systems

Product No. 208

Made In Michigan!


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