Fuel Systems Cleaner


Fuel Systems Cleaner

One treatment ends surging, stalling, and hesitation… while you drive!

Helps Cure and Prevent Problems With Ethanol

Avoid costly overhaul or replacement

  • Fuel Systems Cleaner stops run-on and knock
  • Lasts up for 4 months
  • Lubricates injector pump instantly!
  • Quickly cleans up deposits in gasoline injectors that cause sluggishness, surging, stalling, hesitation, and start difficulties
  • Removes combustion chamber deposits that cause knock, ping, run-on, and higher engine octane requirements
  • Fuel Systems Cleaner Improves power and economy

Simply add Fuel Systems Cleaner to fuel tank.  Treats up to 25 gallons of gasoline or diesel fuel.  Do NOT refuel until tank is at least 3/4 empty.  Repeat when necessary (average 2700 miles).  If spilled on car finish, wash off with water immediately.

Will not harm oxygen sensor or catalytic converter.  Removes moisture and condensation.