Fuel Injector Cleaner


Fuel Injector Cleaner


One treatment ends surging, stalling, and hesitation…while you drive!

Lubricates injector pump instantly!

  • Fuel Injector Cleaner stops run-on and knock
  • Avoid costly overhaul or replacement
  • Quickly cleans up deposits in gasoline injectors that cause sluggishness, surging, stalling, hesitation, and start difficulties
  • Removes combustion chamber deposits that cause knock, ping, run—on, and higher engine octane requirements
  • Improves power and economy
  • Sensor safe

Simply add Fuel Injector Cleaner to fuel tank.  Treats up to 25 gallons of gasoline.  Do NOT refuel until tank is at ¾ empty.  Repeat when necessary (average 2700 miles). If spilled on car finish, wash off with water immediately.